Willys Overland Jeepster

Information Site and Registry 1948, 1949,1950

Refinishing trim


Even if the trim piece is badly scratched or gouged, you can restore it
yourself...! My Jeepster had the same issues in the same locations.

Just use aggressive, highly focused elbow grease on the offending
bits..use progressively less aggressive abrasives until you get to about
320...then steel wool & buff as normal...it'll come out ok

The thin windshield rubber trim can be carefully placed on a piece of
Go around the perimeter of the pieces...inside and out with small
brads or nails to hold it firmly in place
flat against the plywood. You will then have a solid, secure
mounting point to do the abrasive work
without the danger of bending or folding up the delicate stainless.
Hope this helps

Suggestion from online Jeepster Group